Trish Kronk and Jon Saunders:

Trail of the Unsung

Over years as working artists, Columbus-based Trish Kronk and Andalusia, Spain-based Jon Saunders each developed a unique art language, unaware they'd meet another whose work had a voice so familiar that it was like going home. Since 2016, they've worked together every day, one in Spain, the other in America, inspiring one another to keep on. Keep looking, keep stretching, keep trying.

Places that resonate and reveal certain worlds that relate to the inner world, other times and places past, and the reality of impermanence embody each of these artists‘ work with a freshness and immediacy that looks like Now

Our Opening Reception for Trail of the Unsung is Saturday evening, June 1, 6-10pm.


Free and open admission to the public during the Short North's December Gallery Hop.


Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio | 815 North High St | Columbus, OH 43215 | 614-327-1344 


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