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Kelly Olshan:

Reimagined Landscapes

Olshan’s sculptural paintings speak to the objective of ambition. The artist re-envisions elements from previous works, altering, reworking, and reconceptualizing the source material.

Reimagined Landscapes presents a series of interconnected, hypothetical spaces, which the artist leaves the viewer to navigate throughout the gallery.


The spaces are irrationally linked: a painted window reappears as a sculpture; an unattainable, otherwordly landscape becomes a small and distressed. To reimagine previous compositions, the artist uses a laser cutter to burn line drawings form her earlier works onto new surfaces. By reconceiving formerly idyllic imagery, this series tells the arduous story behind each aggrandized space.


Olshan utilizes a distinct visual vocabulary: architectural references such as staircases orient the viewer skyward; blues reminiscent of the horizon at a distance; and “artistic waste” such as paint scraps. Just as the exhibition recycles imagery, so it recycles material: paint leftover from creating one work is often repurposed onto another, positioning each piece as part of one theoretical landscape.

Our Opening Reception for Olshan's "Reimagined Spaces" is Saturday evening, December 1, 6-10pm. Free and open admission to the public during the Short North's December Gallery Hop.

For more information on her work visit the artist's website:

Instagram: @kellyolshanfineart


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