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Chris Taylor: It Ends Up

The paintings in, “It Ends Up; Recent Paintings by Chris Taylor,” are hard-edge, abstract works that are crisp and bold while displaying a great deal of playfulness and ambiguity. The artist uses just a few simple figures and compositional structures to create a wide variety of complex relationships between shapes, colors, surfaces, and spaces.


Artist Statement:

I enjoy the ambiguity of the title, “It Ends Up.” In part, it’s a reference to my deep interest in how shapes and lines and colors “end up” in one place or another in abstract paintings. Is their placement the result of aesthetic intuition, design convention, logical operations, chance? In my work, I experiment with all of these approaches to composition. “It Ends Up” is also a nice piece of playfully strange wordage. It might feel incomplete, like some information is missing that would explain what ends up where or how. Or, it might be just fine as it is, simply indicating that something which started down, ended up, like the stock market, or an umbrella, or a person’s hair, or their mood. “It Ends Up” is also similar to, “This End Up,” which is commonly written on boxes to keep their contents in order. The same thing is often written on the backs of abstract paintings, which are notoriously difficult to orient correctly when hanging. This may be especially true of the work in this show. As the artist who made these paintings, I am of course very certain of their proper orientation, but, as many of the major shapes in them are rotated and flipped, I could imagine it being very difficult for someone else to look at them and determine which end’s up.

Artist Bio

Chris Taylor is a New Albany OH-based artist represented by Sean Christopher Gallery for the past 15 years. He received a BFA in painting from SUNY Purchase and his MFA in painting from The Ohio State University. Taylor has been a longtime faculty member in OSU’s Department of Art and he is currently a finalist for the new Hilton Tower permanent art collection (coming to the Short North in 2022).

November 7 - 28, 2020.


Opening Reception, November 7, 6-9pm

COVID Restrictions will be enforced

Virtual show platforms:

Facebook @SeanChristopherGalleryOhio

Instagram @seanchristophergallery

Pieces for Sale:

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