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Alejandro Bellizzi: All I Have To Do Is Nothing

This solo exhibition includes a selection of Bellizzi’s intricate ink and mixed media drawings, a wall installation of a collaged wooden mask assemblage, and a room displaying many of his obsessive and compulsive artist statements.

A short excerpt from one of Bellizzi’s artist statements from the series entitled “Excess Information”: 

“There are certain fronts one is expected to put up, a bit of tact and professionalism. But I’m just too tired. When you walk into a job interview for example, you put your fear in a box and do your best not to let anyone see it because you are so desperate for an opportunity, for a way out, for some kind of redemption to justify an isolated struggle–Not because of entitlement, it’s just we all ingest so many stories, fiction, films, where endured hardship implies a coming balance, a character arc. Even in the wikipedia biographies of tortured creatived figures. Bukuwski found success later in life, Kafka was a banker, Van Gogh was screwed. But there’s a happy ending, now you can Immerse yourself in Van Gogh’s gaping masterworks without needing to do any thinking or genuine engagement. Witness the beauty as the painter intended with the all new Starry Night Dildo, so immersive! Because art should never be boring, art should be as fun and entertaining as the marvel cinematic universe, as instant and endless as a social media feed. Unless you are confident and well adjusted. My apprehensions toward art and people have become a backdrop. As far as I’m concerned, do whatever you want, do whatever you can, to enjoy life.”

April 2-30, 2022


Opening Reception, April 2, 4-8pm

COVID Restrictions will be enforced

Virtual show platforms:

Facebook @SeanChristopherGalleryOhio

Instagram @seanchristophergallery

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